We are a group of photography based visual artists.

Widely different in our approach, choice of motive and personality 
we are all driven by curiosity and a strong humanity. We strive to capture postmodern world with serenity and power, yet allowing our own fragility to shine through everywhere. 
We inspire, and push each other, to get closer, wider, deeper, way deeper into our love for photography.

August Society is based in Copenhagen. We showcase our work twice yearly at public exibitions. We strive to invite other creative minds into our circles too, to not standing still – and evolve together.




Nelle Renberg

Nelle Renberg (Danish, b. 1982) is a videographer and photographer based in Copenhagen.

Nelle is drawn to people outside the conventional and fast moving society and her work often reflects topics about identity and sexuality.

She loves the complexity of the human expressions and all the psychological layers you can find in a good portrait.





Michael Søndergaard

Michael Søndergaard (Danish, b. 1988) is a contemporary photographer. Focusing on portraiture, Søndergaard often works with the culture and identity of youth.

Søndergaard studied Religion Science at University of Copenhagen. Using his background, he evokes liminal power of rituals and applies those performative and aesthetic elements of transference in his photography.





Marie Drotner Frost

Marie Drotner Frost (b. 1987) is a contemporary photographer based in Copenhagen.

Frost is chasing the ordinary in order to look at the human race from the outside, often with a glimpse of humour. The photographs are never organized or planned, but rather collected from a treasure hunt in everyday life.





Sussie Weinold

Sussie Weinold is an awardwinning Danish film director and photographer who works in the field of documentary and personal visual stories.

Sussie Weinold works with images in order to let them influence one another, in rhythmic repetitions, lyrics and light to let them unfold into a visual story. With many possible interpretations the photographs become an organic story that unite reverberation and meaning.




Søren Sattrup